Aviatrix Inspiration: Lauren Wilson

On a beautiful blue sky day in August, many of us gathered for what has always been for me, one of the airshow season highlights - the RAFA Shoreham airshow. That day has gone down in history for all the wrong reasons.

If you check out Lauren Wilson's instagram @laurenairshows, you will see that her description is as follows: Airshow pilot/Aerobatic instructor/Airline pilot/ Engineer/Lifter/Writer/Biker.

Lauren is From Exeter, UK. Unlike many top pilots and airshow stars, Lauren didn’t grow up in an aviation family. Neither her parents nor her grandparents had ever been pilots. In fact, Lauren says she's pretty sure she's actually the first in her family to learn to fly!

Pursuing a childhood dream, Lauren started to take flying lessons when she was 19, after saving money working as an engineering apprentice from the age of 16. Once she had saved enough to realistically be able to complete her license, she headed over to her local flying club and joined.

When she began flying, Lauren never considered flying aerobatics. She thought it was a pretty crazy idea. She couldn’t fathom why people would do it. All that changed after she took her first flight in a two seat Pitts S2A. She was hooked from the very start. Lauren says that the first time she saw the earth from the top of a loop, it instantly changed her life. After her first flight, she started taking aerobatic lessons. She learned the basics, then headed to her first competition , which she won.

In 2012 Lauren became British Female Aerobatic champion. After that, she gained her Display Authorisation. In 2013 she started flying in airshows and found her true passion.

Lauren consistently pushes herself further and harder than before, getting fitter, stronger, more experienced and more focused. She is still a competitive aerobatic pilot, however her main focus is on airshow flying. She trains and practices hard to make each performance the best it can possibly be, working on designing and tweaking new sequences and maneuvers constantly, drawing inspiration from wherever she can to make each performance as incredible and as memorable as possible. Louren does what she loves and she loves what she does.

Today Lauren is also a first officer at Flybe, a large European regional airline. At 31, this fly lady is a total inspiration. I can't wait to see what she does next...